About This Project

ROLE: AR Developer,Video Designer

This project is designed for A+E History Channel, presented in 2015 History Channel Design Jam: A creative way to tell story, to see history in Augmented Reality. 


The Panorama concept is bringing that magazine back, but in an innovative way by using Augmented Reality. It is a new way of storytelling, creates a 360-degree timeline for people to read and see history, also for users to see history, from past to the present.

We redesigned the A+E App so users could use it to scan the images on the magazine to see an augmented animation of each historical story/events.

It is easy and simple to use. Subscribers would get A+E History Channel Magazine in mail, and use their phone to read/interact with the content.


We are trying to find a creative way of telling story, more specifically, telling history to our audience. We have been looking back of the history of A+E History Channel and tried to find inspiration. We found out that A+E used to have magazines for History Channel, but it was stopped publishing due to the change of people's reading habits, technology improvement and the spread of online materials.

The development of technology makes traditional habits or behaviors to be vintage and treasurable. Such as the development of email makes letter-writing as a treasurable way of communication.

We dig from there and want to merge cutting-edge technology with traditional way of storytelling: using Augmented Technology to display a 360 degree timeline of history. See history from a new perspective.

Video resource credit: Nike history ad campaign
Audio credit: Excision - Shambhala 2014 Mix


User Experience Designer Game Designer

Based in NYC